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Peer Researchers

Top tips from our community of practice on working with

young peer researchers

  • Recruit via groups & organisations diverse young people already trust

  • Run taster sessions while recruiting, use creative workshops to introduce aims

  • Be really clear about the skills you need, then audit before planning training

  • Invest in time for bonding work before training starts – have some fun!

  • Use existing training in peer research methods – qualification?

  • Pay properly and focus research over a shorter time to keep engagement levels

  • Data capture – use recording devices, online forms for consent, few key questions

  • Pay someone else to do transcription if that’s needed. 

  • Analysis – use a simple question model, ask them to find quotes

  • Safeguarding – really important! 

    • Process for peer researchers to flag concerns for interviewees and to safeguard themselves

    • Give lots of support and training around this

  • Give the young researchers a platform to share their findings, creatively!

  • Embed evaluation from the start, including time to reflect on the process overall. 


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