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Young Researcher Training Programme

The Young Researcher Training Programme (YRTP) was launched in a glittering Night of the Stars event at Winchester Planetarium on 1st March 2024. It celebrated the achievements of the young people who co-created the programme resources.


The Young Researcher Training Programme arose out of the recognition that if we are going to produce meaningful research that will benefit young people, we need young people to tell us what is important to them and to work with us to decide what the research should be, how it should be carried out and how it should be communicated. Research by young people can challenge existing approaches and point to ways of doing things differently in order to improve the form, location and uptake of provision.


The YRTP is a 12-week training programme by young people for young people which covers the whole research cycle. The programme empowers young people to develop questions, collect meaningful data in an ethical way, and to use it to advocate for their needs.

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